Enthrall in Thailand’s Splendour

The capital city Bangkok is the best place to experience the flavour of Thailand. From an abode to several cultural monuments to bustling market streets, Bangkok is a city which never stops surprising you with its attractions. The Grand Palace is the city’s most recognisable monument and signifies the heritage of Thailand, which has stayed intact despite its breakneck development. Its architecture and exquisite detailing is lauded all over the world. The palace complex is home to Wat Phra Kaew, also known as Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where an emerald Buddha statue dating back to the 14th Century is the prime attraction. However, make sure you follow the strict dress code of the temple.

For the more daring and curious ones, there is Siriraj Medical Museum, which contains a bizarre collection of exhibits that depict a number of diseases in various stages of progress. Despite being considered unpleasant, a visit to this controversial museum is highly informative. After this unusual trip to the Medical Museum, a walk in Bangkok’s Flower Market is a refreshing experience with a myriad of shops selling flowers which instantly uplifts your mood.

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is the world’s largest covered market and is a shopper’s paradise. For a more exciting shopping experience, visit China Town’s Khlong Thom market where shoppers use flashlights to navigate through this lowly lit market which has made it earn the name of ‘Flashlight Market’. Bangkok’s daytime temperature soars during the day so it is advisable to visit the marketplaces at night. Beat the mercury by visiting the Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club, a marvellous area on the fourth floor of the Esplanade Mall. During the evenings, the place turns into a roaring night club with DJs and performing ice-skaters.

Another thrilling tourist spot is Pattaya – a wonderful beach resort with a flourishing nightlife and adventure sports opportunities. Bungee jumping, go-karting and water sports like water skiing and windsurfing are some of the popular activities here.

Thailand’s largest island Phuket is a must-visit site for its earthy essence and natural beauty. It is famous all over the world for its underwater diving sites and offers a range of underwater activities. Phuket has a rich history with a prime focus on colonists who added to its thriving business. You can see and feel the multi-cultural influences in the characteristics of the island, be it in its architecture or cuisine.

A Quick Getaway to Thailand

From beaches to bustling cities, markets and massages, the country has a lot to offer, relish and experience. The highlights of the region include Bangkok, Mekong River, Khao Sok National Park, Chiang Mai, and hill tribe villages. However, as Thailand offers you many options to relax and rejuvenate and even the freedom to do what you want as you tour, there are certain things that you need to be careful of. The Thai people are very particular about their manners, culture and maintaining and respecting their heritage.

Begin your fun-packed tour from the capital city of Bangkok to explore the vibrant nightlife and lights from high-rises shining in the sky. An interesting place to visit is the Grand Palace where you can see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Heading onwards to Wat Pho, the temple houses the Reclining Buddha. Later move to taste scrumptious Thai cuisine in some opulent eateries and even try street food at stalls in every corner. After you have had your share of traveling in the capital, hop on a train to Ayutthaya, which was the former capital of the old Thai Kingdom. It gives you a glimpse into the glory of ancient Thailand as you wander through the remains of the place. The ruins of crumbling red bricks scattered across the lawns evoke the grandeur of the 15th century.

Chiang Mai is another sought-after destination. It is the second biggest city and strolling through its temples like Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang may make you think like you are in a big country town. Doi Sutheo gives you a chance to have a glimpse of the intricate carvings, worshipping rituals, and a shop selling elephant carvings and home furnishings. An interesting part about Chiang Mai is that Sunday Night Walking Street will leave you spoilt for choices to taste a range of delicious dishes – crab cakes, chicken stay, fresh fruit shakes, fried bananas and a lot more. Also, you can shop for goods like textiles, essential oils, wall-hangings, paintings and other items as souvenirs.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand is the Khao Yai National Park which houses some beautiful waterfalls and lush scenery and vineyards. At the Park, you will see the elephants in their natural environment. Apart from seeing elephants being worshipped all across the country, seeing them near waterfalls is another experience altogether. There are also species of monkeys, birds and other creatures.

Relaxation is one of the most important things that tempt you to head for a vacation to a place where you can have both touring and recreation places. The Krabi province houses the most famous beaches, with the Railay being the head of them all. It is a white sandy beach having clear blue waters that make you feel like you are in paradise. What’s more, you can even try your hand at rock climbing. Elephant trekking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, snorkeling are other adventures you can indulge in, and at the end of it all, take a massage for a therapeutic session. Other famous spots are Phi Phi Islands and Monkey Beach, where you come face-to-face with the animal.

Bangkok’s Nightlife for the Nocturnal Beings

There are decent bars where you can enjoy a glass of wine with your colleagues or indulge in some chit-chat with friends.

Return with New Friends

Thailand’s hospitality is invincible and friendly faces greet you at every corner. You won’t find it hard striking a conversation with the locals, who are always happy to help you. In fact, it is a common sight finding strangers having a light-hearted conversation in a club or exploring the vivacious night market with excitement.

Relax at the VW Van Bars

If you wish to have a unique experience, then you must hop on the VW Van Bars. These are vehicles that you will find all over Bangkok during the night. They offer a variety of refreshing drinks and are inexpensive in comparison to a normal bar. While exploring the amazing streets, the VW Van Bars are a nice place to relax.

Party all Night

In recent years, many social order campaigns have imposed restrictions on timings of the opening hours of bars and night clubs. But, not everything closes by 2 am. The informal sidewalk bars, especially in Sukhumvit, are open all night. In fact, there are a plethora of places – big, loud, tiny and not very famous – you can enjoy all night. If you are unable to hunt these, just walk behind the local people.

Bangkok nightlife features some unique traits, right from the craziest and wackiest to the luxurious and friendly. There are massage centers at every nook where your mind and body can relax and karaoke rooms where you can record your own CD’s. Unraveling the vibrancy is easy with the tuk-tuks and the friendly people with their streak to help can make for free of cost guides. Simply put, among the varied personalities that Bangkok exhibits, the after-the-dark one is what you really need to look out for. So for all the nocturnal beings, go pick up a deal from an array of enticing Thailand holiday packages.