Enthrall in Thailand’s Splendour

The capital city Bangkok is the best place to experience the flavour of Thailand. From an abode to several cultural monuments to bustling market streets, Bangkok is a city which never stops surprising you with its attractions. The Grand Palace is the city’s most recognisable monument and signifies the heritage of Thailand, which has stayed intact despite its breakneck development. Its architecture and exquisite detailing is lauded all over the world. The palace complex is home to Wat Phra Kaew, also known as Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where an emerald Buddha statue dating back to the 14th Century is the prime attraction. However, make sure you follow the strict dress code of the temple.

For the more daring and curious ones, there is Siriraj Medical Museum, which contains a bizarre collection of exhibits that depict a number of diseases in various stages of progress. Despite being considered unpleasant, a visit to this controversial museum is highly informative. After this unusual trip to the Medical Museum, a walk in Bangkok’s Flower Market is a refreshing experience with a myriad of shops selling flowers which instantly uplifts your mood.

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market is the world’s largest covered market and is a shopper’s paradise. For a more exciting shopping experience, visit China Town’s Khlong Thom market where shoppers use flashlights to navigate through this lowly lit market which has made it earn the name of ‘Flashlight Market’. Bangkok’s daytime temperature soars during the day so it is advisable to visit the marketplaces at night. Beat the mercury by visiting the Sub-Zero Ice Skate Club, a marvellous area on the fourth floor of the Esplanade Mall. During the evenings, the place turns into a roaring night club with DJs and performing ice-skaters.

Another thrilling tourist spot is Pattaya – a wonderful beach resort with a flourishing nightlife and adventure sports opportunities. Bungee jumping, go-karting and water sports like water skiing and windsurfing are some of the popular activities here.

Thailand’s largest island Phuket is a must-visit site for its earthy essence and natural beauty. It is famous all over the world for its underwater diving sites and offers a range of underwater activities. Phuket has a rich history with a prime focus on colonists who added to its thriving business. You can see and feel the multi-cultural influences in the characteristics of the island, be it in its architecture or cuisine.